Why Bill Marnich?

I am the strength and conditioning coach at the Canon McMillan School District. Canon Mac is a 6A school, the largest division in Pennsylvania, and is located just South of the City of Pittsburgh. On a daily basis I write, develop, and implement all of the training programs utilized by the athletes under my coaching. My programs are designed to improve strength, power, speed, flexibility, mobility, and injury prevention.

img_6039I am responsible for weight training over 14 teams, both boys and girls.I am also a performance trainer at Faster, a fitness and performance gym located in the greater Pittsburgh area. At Faster, I work with people of all ages with varying levels of conditioning, cardio, and weight lifting experience. I work with young athletes, high school and college athletes, as well as semi-professional and professional athletes. While I enjoy assisting athletes reach their weightlifting and performance goals, I also train a significant clientele that is looking to stay in shape or to improve their overall health and fitness levels.

As you can probably already infer from reading about my current jobs, fitness is my life. This passion led me to earning my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, while playing collegiate football and earning my master’s  degree in Sports Performance and Injury Prevention.

I encourage you to read a few of my blog posts and hopefully put my experiences, and failures, to good use.