Need more reasons to sign up for a program with Bill Marnich: Training with a “Why?”? Take a look at some comments from my clients and those that work with me.

Rob Kingerski – Training With a “Why?” Client

Working with Bill is an absolute pleasure. Most coaches only contact clients once a week and provide a basic cookie cutter program that they give to everyone. Bill and I have contact almost every single day. Bill fits the program to my lifestyle and experience level. A completely customized program for me.  Not only are Bill’s prices better than anyone else, so is his attentiveness to his clients. He really cares about his clients goals as if they are his own. I would 100% recommend Bill’s services to anyone committed to changing their physique. 

Rob Kingerski: Before and After

Matt Kennedy – Training With a “Why?” Client

I never expected to see results this fast in a month. I hated going to the gym. However, thanks to my work with Bill, I’m addicted.

Matt Kennedy: Before and After

Andrew Stojan – Training With a “Why?” Client

With determination, perseverance and dedication; Bill’s program has put me in the best shape of my life. Only person in your way on the path to success is you!

Andrew Stojan: Before and After

Logan McAnany – Training With a “Why?” Client

Bill helped me not only lose weight but feel better and live a healthier life style.

Logan McAnany: Before and After

Sheila Mitchell
Canonsburg Middle School
Special Education Teacher
Head Varsity Girls and Boys Volleyball Coach

“Coach Bill has been great with my teams! As the head coach for both boys and girls volleyball teams, I am always impressed with the work that the players put in under Coach Bill’s guidance. As we start to get into the weight room, he asks about our goals for the players. Based on that info, Coach writes up workouts that help met those goals, all while creating a safe and fun environment for the players. The results show on the court! My players are jumping higher over the net and moving quicker to the ball after training with Coach Bill.”

Rick Bell
Head Boys Basketball Coach
Canon-McMillan High School

“Bill has been a tremendous addition to our program! He does a great job connecting with our players. He gets to know them as people so he knows how to motivate them. He is firm yet fair. He truly cares about the improvement of each player. Finally, Bill’s presence has limited injuries to players in our program.”

Crossfit Client

I started “Training with a Why” to gain strength, lose body fat, and to become a better Crossfit athlete. Bill’s process to identify individual goals and custom build a program has helped me achieve everything I have set out to accomplish. Since I started, I have noticed a major increase in my strength while also seeing a decrease on the scale. By logging what I ate and making the recommended changes, I was able to lose over 20 lbs, while still having the energy to perform and build muscle. Bill was always quick with providing feedback, answering questions, and there to motivate. I would highly recommend Bill’s programming to anyone who wants to improve their strength and overall health. “

Mass Strength Building 6 Week Program (25 Years Old):

“Overall I was very happy with the program Bill designed for me and I saw great results throughout the time I did it. When I first looked at the workouts I didn’t think anything looked too crazy or out of the ordinary but after doing them was extremely happy with the pump/overall soreness after each workout. I could feel that each workout was hitting every part of the muscle group intended and in ways I never had hit them before. After about the first two weeks I already noticed my numbers increasing in the weight I was lifting and that I was gaining mass and weight. These increases continued throughout the 6 weeks and I at no point hit a plateau. I did not get bored with the workouts during this time since it’s hard to get bored when you’re seeing the kind of increases in numbers I was. I also noticed the increased strength and power in other activities such as on the basketball court which I loved. What was supplied with the diet wasn’t anything crazy but still informational and I already had a pretty good idea on what I needed to eat going into it. Feedback from Bill on what I needed to do from week to week was good throughout and he always got back to me quickly when I had questions about anything. If you’re stuck wandering aimlessly around the weight room doing different exercises every week as I was, I would definitely recommend going to Bill for a program if you want to actually see results.”

Male, 25, 198lbs:

“In my opinion, starting a program with Bill(training with a why) is one of the best decisions I made this year. He’s a great trainer because he makes things simple, is very knowledgeable and is genuinely rooting for you to reach your goals. When I first started the program some of my goals were to lose weight and to increase my bench. My beginning weight was 207 and now I am down to 198 after 7 weeks. He made it very easy to lose weight with his lifting program and nutrition plan. With very intense workouts and how he tells you to make little changes in your diet every week makes things very simple. I also increased my bench by 50 pounds. I started with 225 and am now up to 275 pounds. He helped me reach my goals and he can help you too. Whether you’re a beginner or have been lifting for years I would highly recommend trying out a program with training with a why!”

Long Time Client:

“I have been lifting with Bill on and off for about 4 years. When we first started we had the same goals, increasing strength. With the workout he provided, and with him pushing me to get stronger, my major lifts (bench, squat, and dead lift) increased over 55 lbs.each in only 6 months. Recently, I have been traveling for work. Bill sends me workouts to perform based on my goals. He will check up on me at least twice a week to make sure I am on track with my workouts. Bill is not only knowledgeable, but he has the unique talent to push you to get better whether he is physically there or not. I have been exclusively using Bill’s workouts tailored to my goals for 4 years now, and I wouldn’t look anywhere else to get information about lifting, nutrition, or exercising in general.”