This site and blog is about learning how to train with a Why. Training with a Why simply means to train with a purpose. Every person that steps into a gym or weightroom has a reason for being there. These reasons can vary greatly but everyone has a reason. For many reasons this Why or purpose can become cloudy or forgotten. Through my experiences I have witnessed the two major reasons the Why is forgotten or not realized is lack of focus or motivation, and lack of knowledge. My hope is that this site and blog will help with both of those things. Why is it important to have a Why? Your Why will be the guiding light to all of your decision making. It will determine how you train, how often you train, what exercises you choose, the foods you eat, etc. The first thing that I recommend before anyone starts to read my posts is to find their Why. The Why does not have to be permanent and for many people it will change over time, I know mine has. The important thing is to find your Why and have a clear understanding of it at all times. This Why is what will keep you motivated and lead you down the quickest path to success.

By signing up for one of the programs, together WE will help you find your Why and push you to achieving your goals.