Bill Marnich, Owner and Coach of Training With A Why (TWAW), created these Personalized Online Training Programs for people looking to make long-term lifestyle changes. TWAW uses a simple and sustainable approach to fitness, making it easy for people of all different fitness levels to reach their fitness goals and see long-term results.

At TWAW, we bring proven methods to an ever more saturated field of fitness information and the “next best things”. Our goal at TWAW is to get you the results you want by uncovering your own fitness and health goals, creating a personalized program or plan, and coaching you throughout your training every step of the way. Each TWAW client will have a unique experience and will work directly with Bill throughout their training.

Our Programs are not quick-fixes or 30-day programs. TWAW clients succeed through habit-changing behavior and proven, time-tested methods done consistently and correctly. Our programs have a 3-month minimum commitment allowing both the client and coach to put plans and strategies in place allowing the training to happen the correct way; the way that will make results last.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with 10+ years of experience, Coach Bill Marnich brings his education and experience to every program and plan created. TWAW clients will have 24/7 access to Coach Bill through email, text, phone calls, and the TWAW app throughout their training. TWAW clients will also receive weekly updates and adjustments, daily check-ins, motivation, support, and guidance. Commit to your health and fitness today by becoming a part of the TWAW Family.


What is your why?

As a TWAW client, our first question to you will be WHY? Your “WHY” is the reason that you are training or changing your nutrition. Everyone’s “WHY” will be different and may change throughout the course of your training. Your “WHY” will be unique to you and will allow us to create a personalized program or plan to reach that “WHY”.

Your answer to this question will be the driving force behind your TWAW program or plan. Your TWAW coach will use your answer to decide what type of training you will do, how often you will do it, the exercises you will be assigned, the type of food you eat, the amount of food you eat, and so on until your personalized program and plan is created.

Pricing Plans

TWAW clients can choose to train for 12, 6, or 3 months. Payments are made monthly or upfront.

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